When scheduling your appointment, we will ask you about specific medical conditions. There are instances where massage is not in your best interest and should not be performed. 

We will ask you to complete a medical intake form prior to the first session. This information is vital to ensuring a safe healing session for you. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment to complete the form.

Feel free to undress to your level of comfort. Our therapists are always professional and are careful to protect your modesty using sheets and blankets. 

Your therapist will ask you about your message needs prior to the session. Please be open and honest with your therapeutic expectations.

It is important that you communicate with your therapist. Please let your therapist know if you think the pressure is too hard, too light or just right. Everyone has a different tolerance for pressure, so communication is vital. 

 After any effective intervention, there is a certain rebalancing, as your body adjusts. Just exactly how your body will respond is very individual. Here are some common responses:

1. You may leave our office feeling physically energized and yet internally quiet. Be active; but be careful not to overdo! 

2. You may feel tired after your session. This is often most true if you have been over-stressed and overworked. If possible, rest and limit activity.

3. Post-treatment soreness can happen if there has been a build-up of tension in the area worked. This soreness should only last for 24-36 hours and be tender to the touch, but not with movement. The best way to prevent post-treatment soreness is to be moderately active after a session.  I like to recommend an epson bath after a treatment.  Be sure to drink plenty of water after your session as well!

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