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Over the last five years I have had issues with muscle aches and pains and Liz has been my go-to person for massage therapy. There is no way to describe how well I feel after she treats me other than GREAT!

Also, if I am in a bad mood, an hour with Liz perks me right up. Please keep up the good work. I don't want to lose you.

Jim S.

I've gone to Liz exclusively ( unless out of town) for the last 7 years or so and can attest to her skill at giving a grade A+ massage.  She makes sure you're comfortable with the pressure.  When I go it's usually to relieve stress and to take care of some nagging aches and pains.  When I leave I'm always relaxed and have less pain than when I got there.   I couldn't recommend anyone higher.

 Bob W.

I’ve been going to Liz Loeppert for massage therapy for a number of years, and I believe she’s the best there is. Her ability to locate pain points and relieve discomfort is nothing short of amazing. Clearly, Liz is an expert in her field who is highly skilled, very empathetic, kind and resourceful, and when there’s a problem to be solved, she always seems to have an effective and creative solution at hand.

John S.