Your massage therapy session may include a combination of the following techniques to create a custom treatment for you:

Swedish Massage uses a variety of specific techniques designed to relax muscles and induce general relaxation and a sense of well-being. The techniques used help to speed venous blood return from the extremities, allowing metabolic waste products to be flushed out from the muscles and helping to shorten recovery time from muscular tension. Swedish Massage also improves circulation, joint mobility and promotes healthy skin. It reduces emotional and physical stress and is recommended for stress management.

Deep Tissue Massage reaches deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues, areas that harbor acute and chronic pain.   Pressure and comfort levels are always considered in order to provide the most effective treatment for each individual. Many people come to find Deep Tissue Massage to be more relaxing as it allows for greater penetration to muscles needing attention.

Sports Massage concentrates on specific muscles used in a particular sport. Each session combines deep tissue techniques with joint mobilizations and stretching to loosen and lengthen muscle tissues. Regular treatments help to speed recovery time from strenuous physical exertion as well as athletic injuries. It also relieves tired and sore muscles, reduces spasms and cramping, improves performance and mental focus, improves joint flexibility and range of motion and decreases the risk of injury.

Myofascial Release is used to evaluate and treat restrictions within the body's connective tissues or fascia, through the application of gentle traction, pressure, and positioning. Fascia, like
muscle, can become shortened and develop adhesions between layers creating tension and pain. Myofascial Release techniques allow increased flexibility and mobility to the muscles, fascia and surrounding structures.

Medical Massage is a targeted treatment used to treat specific conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician. Treatments are result oriented and focus on areas of the body related to the diagnosis and prescription made by your doctor.

Joint Mobilizations helps to restore mobility to a joint due to injury or trauma.

Modalities Offered: