Simply put:  I love what I do!!

What drew me to massage therapy was my desire to help people evolve and heal within their bodies, which continues to be the focus of my treatments.  This work continues to be a fantastic mixture of scientific wonder of the human body - the complex systems that allows us to function and flourish - and the astonishing ways of healing that can comes from hands-on therapies.  

My treatments are dynamic, in that I am always adapting and changing my techniques to find a way to give you the best results.  I believe Clinical Massage Therapy, in conjunction with corrective exercises that lengthen and strengthen the body, can help facilitate a more profound state of balance in your body.

My primary objective is to pinpoint each client's specific problems and to then design a massage around my client's specific needs with each visit. My goal is to achieve real results. Progressive improvements are possible with regular visits. Even if the goal of the massage isn't deeply therapeutic, and more for relaxation and stress relief, I'll apply an approach that's best for you.

My work focuses on chronic pain management, rehabilitation on acute and chronic issues, and  stress relief.   I believe the client and therapist need to work together through communication and trust to ensure the best and most effective treatment. I also believe the treatment doesn't end when the client walks out the door, which is why I normally recommend stretches, exercises, and additional relaxation techniques after the massage. I am best suited to treat acute and chronic muscle pain, recovering from minor joint injuries, headaches, and overall stress and tension.

I have personally experienced many benefits from holistic healthcare. I have devoted well over a decade of my life into an emersion of it's philosophies and practices. I am proud to say that I continue this process daily, as I am constantly fascinated by what the possibilities of holistic health and healing are."

Liz Van Gemert, LMT


In 2006, I graduated from the Soma Institute, National School for Clinical Massage Therapy, the leader in Clinical Massage Therapy education. I am state-licensed, nationally certified through the NCBTMB, and a proud member of the one of the largest national bodyworkers professional organization, the AMTA.   These qualifications ensures that I expand my body of knowledge, consistantly refine my technical abilities, and ensure my dedication.

In October of 2006, I began my career at Athletico Physical Therapy and have shared my time over the years at various Chiropractic Offices.   I spent the last 6 years on staff at  Northwest Commmunity Hospital Wellness Center, where I facilitated comprehensive clinical and wellness massage therapy sessions.  I have successful run my own practice since September of 2012.

 In addition to my clinical knowledge, I have also studied a variety of massage styles that complement my therapeutic work: prenatal massage, cupping, reiki, cranio-sacral therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 2012,  I completed Pulsation Yoga's Anusara Teacher Training Program, and then studied Therapeutic Yoga, under Gert von Leeuwen, founder of Critical Alignment Yoga Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands



The Soma Institute, National School of Clinical Massage Therapy

Certified Clinical Massage Therapy September 2007

National Certification Pre/Perinatal Massage - Osborne-Sheets 10/07

Internationally Certified Educator of Infant Massage, September, 2009

Certified in Massage Cupping, November 2009

Certified in Reiki, Level One October 2008, Level Two February 2010, Master June 2011

Cranial-Sacral Level One February 2010, Level Two,  June 2010

Anusara Yoga Teacher Training March 2013, Pulsation Yoga, Arlington Heights 

Therapeutic Yoga, May 2013

Gert von Leeuwen, Critical Alignment Yoga Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Liz ( Van Gemert) Loeppert, LMT